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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mixology Monday XI Is Upon Us

With the holidays over (we love 'em, but phew!), it's time for our turn to host Mixology Monday next week, January 15. What's MxMo, you ask? Cocktail Chronicles founder and regular Imbibe contributor Paul Clarke created the monthly web event as a way for amateur and professional mixologists to share recipes online; it's also a great foundation for a tasting party. Our chosen theme this month is Winter Warmers, inspired by our current issue.

Now, we know it's not cold everywhere, but we'd love to hear about your favorite cozy concoctions. What do you mix up when the weather is frightfully cold or you're just looking for something comforting to sip? Your submission can be an old favorite or a new creation, as long as you credit the source if it's not an original.

Here's how it works: post your recipe by Monday, January 15 and then comment on this post with the link or e-mail it to us at recipes at imbibemagazine dot com with Mixology Monday in the subject line. We'll post a roundup of the recipes within a day or two. Whether you're a MxMo veteran or a newbie, we welcome your submissions!


George said...

Here is my contribution to the Winter Warmers:

The Bishop

Anita said...

We're up, too:
La Chispa

Michael said...

Hello fellow imbibers! I've posted my MxMo here.


Darcy said...

Here's another contribution.

Canadian Coffee

Matt said...

Here's mine. Thanks for hosting!

espressophile said...


Paul said...

Hi guys,

Here's my fairly nasty contribution:

Rum Flip

(Now, to get that taste out of my mouth...)

Thanks for hosting--

c said...

Less of a recipe, more of a philosophy: the hot whiskey sling.

Bo said...

My favorite bedtime drink is one I call "Simpatico." In a fluted small stemmed glass, add two ounces of Aniversario Rum (Ron Zacaapa would probably work as well.) Drop in four whole coffee beans (or espresso beans) and sip. Just don't swallow the coffee!