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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MxMo XI: Winter Warmers Round-up

Our Winter Warmers Mixology Monday was followed by a Tuesday morning snowstorm. Though three inches doesn't change a thing in places like Boston or Portland, Me., it means a day off here in the Northwest. Even 24 hours after the last snowflake, many local establishments are still closed. The weather outside makes us thirst for warmth, so we'll try as many recipes as we can before the last icicle melts. Ambitious, perhaps, but we're inspired. Here's a full round-up:

Phil Varner, who posted a Lamb Martini recipe to kick off his blog of the same name, posted two drinks for this month's MxMo. Both full of fruit, he serves up the Autumneric and the Bitter Pear Winter. Kaiser Penguin struggled not to set anything aflame, and we're glad he didn't, because this Negroni looks delish. Sarah Klino debates the finer points of The Perfect Manhattan with her husband Brian until they come to a recipe they agree on. Isn't compromise tasty?

For Old Times' Sake
Ben Requena at GarnishBar remembers his childhood in Germany where Glühwein is a traditional treat. George Sinclair, Thinking Bartender from London, researches, revives and redefines The Bishop, which dates back to the 1820s. Jimmy of Jimmy's Cocktail Hour studies Oxford University Hot Rum Punch, delivering recipes for either a single serving or your next party. Seamus over at Bunnyhugs was inspired by a Jack London short story and the Queen Mum herself when he decides to try gin and milk. Hot gin? We'll have to try this one for sure.

For Your Sweet Tooth
Eje, host of the Spirits & Cocktails board at eGullet Forums, participates with a step-by-step guide to homemade Hot Chocolate (served with or without a nip of bourbon). And even though it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere, Haalo from Cook (Almos) Anything at Least Once plays along with a Cognac, Clove and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate recipe. Anita & Cameron, working together on Married…with Dinner, develop a tequila-Mexican chocolate drink, La Chispa—literally "spark" in Spanish.

For Two Kinds of Buzz
Our first coffee submission comes to us from last month's gracious host, Brenda at The Spirit World with a classic Spanish Coffee. Brenda posts a second recipe on her blog Culinary Fool: The Beautiful, which we hope she enjoyed after the work of that Spanish Coffee. Darcy at The Art of Drink offers up a Canadian Coffee complete with homemade maple whipped cream. Matt at My Bar Your Bar makes Monk's Coffee in Tampa, proving that even those enjoying 70-degree weather can spike coffee with the best of them. Michael from A Dash of Bitters takes the opportunity to make his first Irish Coffee at home for the occasion. Espressophile gets in the MxMo game with the Caffe Afal, and provides both alcohol-free and Calvados variations. Finally, Bo of Made Studio comments with his modern take on a coffee cocktail: the Simpatico.

For a Nightcap
"C" over at Slakethirst philosophizes on the essence of the Hot Whiskey Sling and even offers fashion advice for enjoying his ultimate winter warmer. If you have a hard time sleeping after reading this marathon post, Katie Loeb, eGullet member, shares her grown up sleep aid with a Caramel Apple Toddy. Sweet dreams, indeed. For those with dancing dreams, we submit a Sugarplum Brandy Cider.

Last, but certainly not least, our MxMo founder, Paul Clarke, endeavors a Rum Flip with "deeply weird" though fascinating results. We hope the heat is back on in Paul's office so he doesn't have to gulp down another rum flip tonight. With all the great choices listed above, we know Paul will have plenty to choose from to get cozy.

Thanks to everyone who participated this month, we here at Imbibe look forward to the event every month and it was our pleasure to host. February's MxMo is still in need of a host, please be sure to contact Paul if you're interested in hosting this virtual cocktail party on your own blog in the future.


Ben Requena said...

Excellent recap and thanks for hosting!

Culinary Fool said...

Nice summary - it's going to be fun taking a look through all the entries!

Anonymous said...

Winter cocktail recipes! Cool! thank you!