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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oops!: A Correction

No, we weren't being clever in our current issue ("25 Great Winter Beers," January/February) when we said Delirium Noel -- one of our favorite Belgian beers -- is not your typical Italian beer. We accidentally printed a description of Italy's delicious Le Baladin Noel where the Delirium Noel write-up should have been, and didn't catch it before it was printed. Here's what the Delirium Noel entry should have said:

Delirium Noel (Huyghe Brewery)
Belgium, www.delirium.be
"Amber in color, with flavors of gingerbread and nutmeg and a frothy mouthfeel make this an accessible beer (besides having the best holiday label around). Bring this conversation starter to your next party."--Craig Wathen, owner of The City Beer Store in San Francisco.

We extend our sincere apologies to all fellow lovers of Belgian (and Italian!) beers, and also to Craig, for misdirecting his quote. Check out the latest issue, on newsstands now, for more great winter beers, as well as artisan gins, sustainable coffees, rye whiskies, a recipe for making your own Maraschino cherries, and more.
(Photo courtesy wallywine.com)