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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Distinguishing Drinks

One of the Imbibe staffers is hosting a baby shower this weekend. Since the baby's due date is Cinco de Mayo, the menu is Mexican-inspired, tequila is the spirit of choice, and the Mayahuel from our current issue is the signature cocktail. Of course, there will be extra grapefruit juice on hand for the guest of honor so she can enjoy alcohol-free drinks, but it may be hard for her to distinguish her glass....

Enter: Clingy Thingy Labels. These handy drink labels are an evolved version of those wine glass charms that account for glasses without stems. The easy-to-remove labels have fun icons, and they work well for all occasions when drinks enter the equation. They come 48 to a pack in two colors and cost about $7.95 plus S & H.