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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Late Night With Wine Library TV

We love Gary Vaynerchuk's fun, down-to-earth approach to wine tasting. His show Wine Library TV is all about breaking down the intimidating barriers that often keep people from exploring wine as much as they may want to. Recently, he tried to do a little wine tasting with Conan O'Brien—dirt, grass, stinky socks and all. If you missed the episode, here is a clip, and it's hilarious. For more on some of the odd flavors Gary describes to Conan, check out our "It's Just Wine" feature in the March/April issue, which provides a great wine-tasting 101 primer.


James L. said...

That is hilarious-- I think Gary is great-- you know those descriptions always sound so ridiculous until you learn how to taste them... but then I don't know about sweaty socks!

robyn said...

That's great. It's nice to see people have some fun with wine.