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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Win the San Francisco Cocktail Square-Off!

Okay imbibers, time to roll up your sleeves and come up with a killer cocktail recipe that could win you a trip to San Francisco to compete on September 25 in the Square-Off Cocktail Competition, sponsored by Square One Vodka, Imbibe, CHOW.com and Om Organics. Here's how it works. Click here to submit your recipe and check out the competition rules and details (note that submissions and prizes are restricted in certain states)—you can also view and vote on the other submissions. Entries are due by August 31 and will be narrowed down to two finalists by a panel of judges. The finalists will meet in San Francisco, where they will go head to head with their winning recipes and also have to create a cocktail on the spot using a secret ingredient from the local Farmers Market—for inspiration, refer to "Drink Your Way Through the Farmers Market" in your May/June issue of Imbibe. The final winner will receive a very cool ProDesign Bar Set.

This should be a really fun event, and who needs a better excuse to visit one of the best cities in the country? So buckle down, start mixing and be sure to submit your recipe by August 31. Good luck!


Thesis Design Lab said...

Thanks for using one of my images, Imbibe! Love your mag & blog. Cheers!

erik_flannestad said...

Oh, great, sure that sounds like fun: "Due to California Alcohol Beverage Control laws, California residents who are selected as winners in the Contest may not be awarded any prizes. While we encourage you to enter the Contest, should a California resident be chosen as a winner of the Contest, such winner shall forfeit all prizes and another winner can be chosen."

Sigh. And there I was slightly excited about the bar set.

Imbibe Magazine said...

Hi Erik,

We know, the CA restriction is a drag!! If only we could control the law... Double sigh...

Anonymous said...

Really Killer cocktail recipes! Cool!