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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Farm Aid's 1st Homegrown Festival Includes Local Sips

We all remember the first Farm Aid concert in 1985: Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John (then Cougar) Mellencamp banded together to raise money for family farms. 22 years later, Farm Aid is still going strong, having raised over 30 million dollars for family farms and spreading the word about sustainable farming. This year, they're also hosting the first annual Homegrown Festival in conjunction with the concert on Randall's Island in Manhattan this Saturday, September 9.

The festival will involve hands-on farm education activities and boast food & drink from Farm Aid approved vendors, including locally produced wine, fruit juice and cider. There will also be coffee drinks on hand from Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn, a micro-roaster that sells fair-trade organic coffee.

If you can't get there, experience the show & festival online as a member of the Farm Yard—they broadcast the entire show live via streaming video for members.


sam said...

Go Gorilla Coffee!!!