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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hop Harvest!

Recently, we were invited behind the scenes to the bottling line at Bridgeport Brewing. This wasn't just any bottling. Bridgeport is planning a new series of limited-edition 22-ounce beers; the first, Hop Harvest Ale, was packaged on 9/19/07. This delicious floral, triple-hopped ale—infused with freshly harvested Centennial hops—will be available on tap and in retail shops in the brewery's hometown in Portland, Ore., while supplies last (there are only 120 barrels), so get it while you can!

This release comes on the heels of the annual hop harvest, which is always a great reminder of the delicate and complex process involved in getting our favorite beers from seed to pint. For more on one hop farmer's experience, read about the fascinating Gayle Goschie and her beautiful Oregon farm in our Sept/Oct issue, on newsstands now. —Siobhan Crosby


annie said...

They always have the coolest labels for the beers...love this one.

steve said...

Looks good. I just spotted a fresh hop ale from Sierra Nevada too.