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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Philly: Best Beer City?

Philadelphia has declared March 9–16, 2008 as Philly Beer Week to celebrate Philadelphia as the best beer drinking city in America. Citing tradition from the signers of the Declaration of Independence swishing suds to over 400 taps in the metro area, the City of Brotherly Love is inviting locals and tourists alike to celebrate the region's beer culture.

Check the Philly Beer Week website for updates as the schedule is finalized. The line-up already includes brewery tours and tastings, beer dinners, a Michael Jackson tribute, and sessions with renowned beer writers. The special event will arive on the heels of Philly's Craft Beer Festival on March 1.

So, how do you think Philly stacks up to other great beer cities?


Anonymous said...

Sure Philly is a good place to drink - if you consider Budweiser or Natural Light to be good beer. Who voted on "America's best drinking city"? Looks to me to be easy to win when the only person voting is a marketing guy from a Philly brewery!

Portland, OR - hands down - is the best place in America for great beer.

Some stats from http://www.travelportland.com/media/mbmedkit/mb_facts_trivia.html

Portland Facts & Trivia

* Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world. There are 30 craft breweries within the city limits; 38 in the Portland metro area.
* According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, no matter where you are in Portland, you're never more than 15 minutes from a craft brewery.
* Among "hopheads" (beer lovers), Portland's nicknames include "Beervana," "Brewtopia" and "Munich on the Willamette."
* Portland is home to the nation's best-attended beer bash: the Oregon Brewers Festival. More than 50,000 people enjoy this annual riverfront event, which takes place the last full weekend of July.
* Portland has a 3 percent market share of the more than 1,400 breweries and brewpubs in the United States.
* Among the 50 largest breweries in the nation, five are craft breweries located in Oregon.
Widmer Brothers Brewing Company (located in Portland and ranked #17)
Deschutes Brewery (located in Bend, Ore., and ranked #21)
Full Sail Brewing Company (located in Hood River, Ore., and ranked #26)
BridgePort Brewing Company (located in Portland and ranked #41)
Rogue Ales (located in Newport, Ore., and ranked #42)
* In Oregon, beer production grew 16 percent in 2005. Overall, craft beer sales grew 9 percent.
* Of all the beer consumed in Oregon, 11 percent is Oregon-brewed craft beer. That's the highest percentage of local craft beer consumption in the country. The national average is only 3.5 percent.
* Oregon and Washington are the two biggest hop-producing states in the nation. The United States grows one-quarter of the world's hops; Germany produces about one-third.

Anonymous said...

Well...I love Portland and it's beer. But, Philly did a remarkable job this year at the GABF with 14 Lagers winning, while Oregon only had ONE.

You have to give respect to the likes of Victory Brewing, Dogfish Head, and Stewart's Brewing, all great breweries, doing exceptional things in their craft.

I think there is enough room in this country for a lot more craft beer and encourage other cities to step into the ring and try to knock off Portland as Beervana! It Just means more beer for me :-)

Anita said...

Um, hello? Portland, followed very closely by Seattle.

steve said...

Portland and Seattle are undoubtedly fantastic beer cities, but there are plenty of others, and Philly is definitely a good one. The whole state of California is also home to some of the best beers in the country.

DougP said...

Can you get Yuengling on tap at nearly every bar in Portland or Seattle?

The entire southeastern region of Pennsylvania deserves some sort of award of recognition for being one of the few areas of the country where small breweries could still thrive during the dark days before Anchor (and others) started the modern "craft beer" movement.

justin said...

If you don't think Philadelphia is a good beer city, you've either never been there, or haven't spent enough time there to understand why it's true.

First of all, no one here drinks Bud or Natural light. It's either Pabst, or Lager (yuengling) if
you're looking for something shitty (and are over the age of 17).

As for good beer, I live within walking distance of maybe 5 or 6 belgian bars, and I'm pretty sure Philly imports more belgian beer that any other city in the US. We don't have a shitload of microbreweries like Portland, but Victory and Weyerbacher brew some of the most highly rated beers in the world. The fact that you consider "hophead" to be synonymous with "beer lover" is pretty funny, because I think it is precisely that preoccupation with super hoppy beer that makes a lot of American microbrews suck.

Oh yeah, and this list (http://beeradvocate.com/boba/072003/breweries.php)
of the top 50 American breweries has 5 from PA on it, and only 4 from Oregon. What does that say about your state...you have 10x as many breweries, and we still make better beer.

Anonymous said...


Depends on your Palate!.

Is there any other BEER CITY in America that is not PWNED by marketing.

Local farmers...from the HOP to the Glass! that is where the love grows and thats how we ROLL in the NW.

Anonymous said...

BUFFALO!! closing time 4am. On the Canadian boarder more bars per capita than anywhere in the country and people aren't meat-head pricks.

Anonymous said...

i gotta say Buffalo hands down.