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Monday, November 12, 2007

More Wine, Less Attitude

We've all been there: reading certain wine tasting notes and thinking, "huh?" Part of the reason tasting notes sometimes seem so obscure is because taste is subjective and we all have unique palates that experience flavors differently. But knowing this can make it much easier to experiment with wine and not be afraid to really taste what you taste. As Gary Vaynerchuk says often on WineLibraryTV, the wine world is changing—it's much more about being fun and accessible rather than stodgy and intimidating.

Taking this concept to heart, the folks at Domaine547.com, an online wine shop whose site boasts "more wine, less attitude," have developed YouTaste TV. Powered by people in their homes with a video camera, they've invited one-minute tasting videos on their website. There are already a few videos submitted, and you can add yours. We'll be watching the YouTaste channel for some Imbibers to take the spotlight...so, get involved and make us proud!