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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Booze Bazaar

If you're in Portland on Saturday, December 15, be sure to stop by House Spirits for the Holiday Booze Bazaar. Aside from checking out the distillery's very cool digs, you'll be able to sample their delicious wares, as well as grappas from Ransom Spirits and chocolates from Xocolatl de David (they make an amazing bacon chocolate!). Christian and Lee of House Spirits will also be mixing up some great cocktails, including the fantastic "Spiced Orange" from the Nov/Dec issue of Imbibe, and we'll be on hand with plenty of holiday issues and special gift offers. This was a really fun event last year, and we can't wait to do it again. So feel free to swing by—we'd love to see you!

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, Noon–5 p.m.
WHERE: 2025 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR


annie said...

Yay, the Booze Bazaar! What a perfect way to spend my Saturday. Can't wait!

Melinda said...

I heard this will also be the first public tasting for Sub Rosa Spirits two infused vodkas. I love tarragon, so the Tarrgon vodka sounds delicious and the Saffron... yum.

Jeff Alworth said...

I can confirm the Sub Rosa news--I got an email from the owner, who said his two vodkas will be there for the tasting.

Anonymous said...

Booze Bazar is just a fancy term for a Boozedevous, created by merging the prefix booze and the suffix of rendezvous.

Call it what you will, a horse of a different color is still a horse indeed!