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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An American Rye Dinner

Rye, the other American whiskey, is a spirit that captivates us, so we were thrilled when Clyde Common's Timothy Davey, Charlie Hodge and Kevin Ludwig, three of our favorite Portland mixologists and spirit enthusiasts, hosted a rye-pairing dinner last Sunday. Davey lovingly expounded on rye’s history and virtues, and nearly 50 lucky diners enjoyed heavenly pairings like sunchoke ravioli and smoked bacon with Tom the Tinker, a cocktail made of Sazerac rye, Cynar, Antica formula and Fee Bros. whiskey barrel-aged bitters. We also enjoyed a glass of Van Winkle 13 year with pickled quail, a Whiskey Ginger cocktail (Jim Beam rye, fresh ginger, honey and cinammon tincture) with beef short ribs, and a glass of Black Maple Hill 18 year with smoked dates and pumpkin ice cream. Guests went home with copies of the Jan/Feb 07 issue of Imbibe, with a feature article on rye. With treatment like this, the storied spirit’s history is bound to keep unfolding in new and beautiful ways.


aaron said...

what?! how did i miss this? so sad! just wondering how i could have found out about this. a quick scan tells me that you didn't blog about it...i need to be in the pdx rye scene loop.

imbibemagazine said...

Hi Aaron,

The organizers did some local marketing, but we included it in our last e-newsletter to Northwest subscribers (who are also e-newsletter subscribers). If you're not signed up for the e-newsletter, you can do so on bottom left of our home page, or just send a quick email with your info. Cheers!

Executive Sous Chef R. Alan said...

Man. That sounds like a great night. I haven't thought of rye in years. Any ideas of a good brand to find in the northeast?

imbibemagazine said...

Availability varies wildly depending on where you are, but there are many fantastic ryes to try for a range of prices. At the higher price point, we love Hirsch 21-year and Black Maple Hill 18-year, and on the more affordable side, we would recommend Van Winkle 13-year, Sazerac 6-year and Rittenhouse 100-proof.

If you want to get up to speed on rye, you can also order our Jan/Feb 07 issue, which has a great feature with recipes and tasting notes. Cheers!

Liberty Bar - Seattle said...

R. Alan, you are a lucky guy.
You know why? Well, because you have a world of great whiskey open to you in your future.
In addition to the great suggestions that Imbibemagazing had for you, I'd like to add:

Russell's Reserve Rye - this is a six year, and is a grand improvement over their bourbon.

Well, that's about it for the mid-levels actually, since Imbibe mentioned the great Van Winkle 13yr and the full-bodied 'Baby Saz' 6yr (both great for sipping) and the Rittenhouse 100proof, a great choice for mixed cocktails.

But, want to spend the family fortune? Well, take a look at the Red Hook Rye, the Rittenhouse 23yr Rye and the 23 year Black Mountain Hill rye. Each is outstanding to say the least. Oh, wait - did I mention the Vintage Ryes? Wow. Don't forget those. There's I think a 21yr that is fantastic.

Enjoy, Chef. If you happen to show up in Seattle, stop by Liberty, we've got all of these in stock, and we'd love to take you through a tasting.