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Monday, January 21, 2008

Label Lore

Some of the beautifully designed spirit bottles and labels out there are almost as good as what’s inside. Imbibe subscriber and graphic designer Carl Huber took particular relish in excavating his family's old liquor collection, photographing the dusty, neglected bottles and framing them in a sort of “where are they now” narrative, like the picture at right. Read his thoughts in his article on The Warehouse. You’re bound to look at your own liquor shelf with new eyes.


jim said...

This reminds me of some amazing old vermouth bottles I found of my grandparents. I think they were Martini & Rossi. Even better were the old martini glasses that were with them; those I actually use now.

tres jimadores said...

We think more ornate Art Nouveau labels should make a comeback!

Leigh said...

i agree- i often marvel at the works of labels on beer bottles..some of them are works of at for sure. Anchor Brewery put out excellent art - check out the sam smiths ones on my december post, too. you'd be interested...great blog, by the way.