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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Music to Imbibe to: The Hot Toddies

Out to support the hubby and his bandmates at another Delightful Young Man show on Sunday, I heard the sweet sounds of a band worth mentioning: The Hot Toddies from Oakland, Calif. "The Hot Toddy is a whiskey drink we all really like," said member Erin Skidmore when I asked how the band's name came about. That's inspiration I can relate to.

The Hot Toddies' '60s pop-inspired melodies paired with angelic harmonies make for great listening; pay attention and their wise-cracking lyrics will have you laughing out loud. Case in point: their song HTML. You can check out songs from their album "Smell the Mitten" (I didn't get the story behind that one) on their web page at MySpace, or sample and buy them on iTunes.

— Siobhan Crosby


MetaGrrrl said...

That'd be a Spinal Tap "Smell The Glove" reference.