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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ginger Lovely

We are absolutely loving Domaine de Canton, a new ginger liqueur that we can’t say enough good things about. From the bottle to the aroma to the flavor and finish, this is a special liqueur. A blend of VSOP cognac and baby ginger, Domaine de Canton is warming, supple and smooth, with an incredibly pure aroma and flavor of crystallized ginger—perfect for sipping straight, but equally delicious in a cocktail. Here’s a great recipe called the Canton Caipirinha:

2 oz. Domaine de Canton
2 oz. cachaça
2 lime wedges
Club soda
Glass: rocks
Garnish: lime wedge

Shake Domaine de Canton and cachaça with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Squeeze lime wedges into glass and add wedges to drink. Top with soda and stir.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are writing about Domaine de Canton because I am a big fan! I love ginger and you can really taste it in the liqueur. Thanks for this great cocktail recipe, I'll be trying it this weekend :)

annie said...

Wowsa, that bottle is gorgeous! If that's any indication of what's inside, I can't wait to try this. Do you know how widely available it is?

Imbibe said...

Right now it's available in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, but it will begin a wider national roll-out in May.

Brooklyn said...

This stuff is amazing. I haven't had it in any cocktails yet, only straight. It's seriously like melted candied ginger.

jim said...

is this by the same people who created St. Germain?

Imbibe said...

There is a connection, but they are actually made by different people. Robert Cooper is the creator of St. Germain, while his borther, John Cooper, created Domaine de Canton. Quite the talented family!

Steph said...

Ooh, I love St. Germain too - can't wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

Domaine de Canton is amazing with champagne - I totally recommend it!