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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lost Beers Found

If our story on lost beer styles in the March/April issue made you thirsty to try some lesser-known beers and you happen to live in Pittsburgh, then you're in luck. The folks at East End Brewing (6923 Susquehanna St.) have just put a batch of Gose, a wheat beer made with salt, in their tanks to sour and will be serving it up in about two weeks. Apparently not content with only one style of nearly extinct beer, they are also heading over to Marzoni’s (4643 Route 8) this week to collaborate on a batch of Lichtenhainer, a sour smoked beer currently being made by only one brewery in Germany. These won’t last though, so get over there, local Imbibers, do some tasting, and tell us all about it!