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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tap Into World Water Week

In 1992, The U.N. General Assembly declared March 22nd World Water Day to call attention to the global issue of availability of clean drinking water. While potable tap water is abundant in some countries, more than 2 billion people worldwide don't have regular access to clean drinking water.

In 2007, a grassroots organization launched the Tap Project in New York City to help raise awareness and dollars for the campaign, and now the program going nationwide this year. Here's how it works: from March 16 - 22, participating restaurants will invite diners to donate at least $1 when they order tap water that would customarily be served for free. All the funds will be collected and donated to UNICEF who, with that $1, can provide a child with clean drinking water for 40 days.

Want to get involved? Visit the Tap Project website for more information and to find a restaurant near you that's participating.


Dane said...

Hi there,

wonderful to see you promoting this event.

We seem to have forgotten that we have all around us - ether ( Prana, Chi etc).

It ain't spooky anymore. Never was but we make it so don't we.

If you have ever had Reiki. If you believe in radios but don't know how they really truly work. If you have ever experienced intuition before. If you believe water is far, far more than a clear liquid, then possibly you'll be open to the concept of 'energy'/ether healing water.

Too much detail for this comment but if a radio antenna can attract a certain frequency we can't see, that carries infomation in it then surely we should be open to a device that attracts the good stuff, ether (chi, Prana) to the water source. Then, by virtue of the 'intelligence' of water, the waters current sick status is transformed to the resonance of the ether.

Weird? Maybe to many. Untrue? Not to this young duck.

I have one. A Vortex Energizer that is a stand alone device that is placed, preferably, at the mains. All water passing it will take on the resonance/energy of the attracted ether. Result. Water that tastes brilliant. Every test i do with friends comes back the same.

Maybe the world isn't ready for the implementation of this conept on a large scale but at least we can start at home/village. Maybe they'll start asking questions.