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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Celebrating the Brews Brothers

Yesterday we attended a fun celebration to mark the opening of Widmer Brother’s impressive new brewing facility in Portland, part of a large expansion the company has been completing over the past few years. Guests were treated to great food and blues and several beer stations pouring perennial favorites like Widmer’s Hefeweizen, Drop Top Amber, Broken Halo and W’08, all served within view of the brewery’s German-engineered keg line and six gorgeous new fermentation tanks. Another highlight was a sneak peek tasting of Widmer’s upcoming winter seasonal, as yet un-named but incredibly delicious.

While the set-up of this new operation was something to behold, what was even more striking was realizing how far this once-tiny brewery run by two brothers has come. Today the company is still run by Kurt and Rob Widmer, but the brewery’s growth has been very gradual and organic, allowing the brothers to stay true to their ideals and maintain the quality their fans have always come to expect from their beers. It really is a fantastic story of how to grow a business sustainably to the benefit of both employees and customers. So we say congrats and cheers to many more successful years of Widmer Brothers beers!


Annie said...

Widmer's hefeweizen is one of my alltime favorites, lemon and all! It's good to know they're doing so well and still a family business!

jim said...

mmmm....hefeweizen...is it Friday afternoon yet???