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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Win Tickets to a Coffee Mecca in Minneapolis

Once a year, the world's best baristas, roasters, bean buyers, retailers and coffee farmers come together for a three-day event to celebrate and promote coffee at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) annual conference & exhibition. This year's 20th anniversary event will be held May 2–5 at the Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minn., and will focus on the roots of the specialty coffee industry—quality-driven and community-based excellence.

Leading up to this great event, we're getting together with our friends at Café de El Salvador to give away 10 exhibition tickets available to serious coffee imbibers who live in or around Minneapolis or who are looking to travel to this year's event. In addition to the many coffee and tea products and like-minded coffee geeks on hand, this event also hosts the always exciting United States Barista Competition.

Whether you're a barista or bean counter, all you need to do to qualify is post your favorite coffee of the moment here by 4/21, and we'll pick winners at random to receive the tickets. And no matter if you're already attending or you win the chance to attend here, be sure to stop by the Imbibe booth (#729) to say hello!

**Update: We e-mailed ticket details to winners 4/21. Thanks for your comments!**


Anne said...

my favorite coffee today is the biloya from counter culture. and i want to go to minneapolis! huzzah!

anne nylander
cafe el beit

Wiggles said...

my favorite coffee today is the costa rica cup of excellence la union from gimme coffee. it's really yummy. hi anne from brooklyn.

wiggles from moko coffee in cleveland
xmikeypx AT gmail.com

emilee said...

i'm sipping on batdorf's sumatra lake tawar. so rich.

givemeshelter at hotmail dot com

Shannon said...

My coffee of the day is:

Colombia - San Augustin

Roasted by Crema Coffee

Shannon Hudgens
Coffee & Crema

Neil Oney said...

My favorite coffee at the moment is the Kenyan Peaberry by Counter Culture. I can't get enough.

Neil Oney
neoneyspam at mac.com

Ryan said...

I'm drinking some Papua New Guinea currently. Loving the sweet fruit undertones!

Ryan Knapp
Bourbonnais, IL

amber fox said...

favourite coffee of the moment... well, there are two, actually:

-Ethiopian Amaro Gayo roasted by Novo, gifted to me by the guys at Grumpy (thanks!)

-Bolivia Anjilanaka, from Intelligentsia (especially into this one: the fresh citrus is driving me crazy...)