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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beer of the Moment: Maredsous 8 Dubbel

Some of the best things in life are brown: espresso, bitter liqueurs, Manhattans and rich Belgian beers like one of our new favorites, Maredsous 8 Dubbel. With its velvety body, floral aroma and deep, nuanced flavor with sweet notes of dark chocolate and wine, it’s just the thing to help weather the last rainy days of spring. Try it with a hunk of fresh, buttered, whole-grain artisan bread. Check maredsous-usa.com to find a distributor near you.


damo said...

This beer goes amazingly with Belgian chocolate.

I'm not sure why but some how the chocolate unlocks a whole load of hidden flavours in the beer and vice-versa.

If you're in London visit Bar Music Hall in Shoreditch and try this beer with their home-made Belgian chocolate mousse.

It will take you to another level of beer drinking.

David said...

This beer is fantastic. I'll have to try it with Belgian chocolate. Back in Austin there's a place called The Ginger Man where I first found this stuff—they also carry a Maredsous 10 Trippel. I want to say they had it on tap once upon a time ... definitely made a game of darts more challenging. So delicious though!

jim said...

Think I'll try this one with a steak...thanks for the rec.

ahmad wiyono said...

Great blog! Keep up the good work

marko said...

This beer also works magic with grilled pizza topped with figs, caramelized onions, and country ham (or prosciutto in a pinch). Gosh, can't wait until fig season here in NC.

Karen said...


What kind of figs do you put on your burger? Sounds amazing! If you didn't try it last year, I'd highly recommend also putting your figs to use in The Celestial recipe from the 07 Summer Drinks Guide—so delicious!


georgia said...

A great beer. Read about our experience on Things That Are Brewed.