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Friday, August 29, 2008

8/29/08: Drink of the Week

In honor of our September/October cover story on the 100 Best Places to Drink Beer in America, our latest Drink of the Week is Redhook Late Harvest Autumn Ale. According to the Brewers Association, seasonal beers are now the best-selling craft beer style, and this seasonal proves why. With a rich and malty aroma, this toasty ale combines Northern Brewer and Saaz hops and four varieties of grains. Try it with your next burger or pulled pork sandwich or even a bowl of roasted butternut squash soup. It's on shelves across the country from August through October.


Geoff said...

Looks tasty. The Sierra Nevada harvest ales are always a great fall seasonal..hoping to get my hands on some this year.

k.c. said...

I believe Goose Island has a harvest ale too, though I'm not sure when it's available.