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Friday, August 08, 2008

8/8/08: Drink of the Week

Great Plains Coffee Roasting Co. Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry

My feet are tapping and my leg is twitching, and I’ve probably had enough caffeine to keep me alert for the next week. But there’s something about a French press full of Sumatra Blue Batak Peaberry that urges me to drink more. While typical Sumatras show bold notes of earth and chocolate, this Peaberry is different. With whiffs of tropical fruit and dark rum, this higher-elevation Sumatra is roasted in small batches and offers a bright acidity and brown-sugar flavor. Meanwhile, its complexity and smoothness will have you hooked. And for a perfect warm-weather twist, try it as a cold-brewed coffee on ice (check your May/June 08 issue for easy iced coffee tips). $15.95/pound at greatplainscoffee.com —Tracy Howard


Briman said...

I had the pleasure today of them making me one in their Clover machine (South Dakota's first and only).
It was simply awesome!

anne marie said...

A while back I was on a decaf kick and found a decaf coffee that was actually really good, and I'm almost positive it was from Sumatra. Now I can't remember what brand it was, but I'm back on decaf so I'm searching again. Any suggestions?

imbibemagazine said...

Counter Culture (www.counterculturecoffee.com) and The Roasterie (www.theroasterie.com) both sell decaf Sumatras online. Either one would be a great bet.