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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August's Where to Drink Now

From Hank’s Oyster Bar chef Jaime Leeds comes CommonWealth, Columbia Heights’ newest gastropub. Offering local, farm-fresh twists on traditional English pub fare, CommonWealth doesn’t really have a whole lot in common with other bars in the area. Pub-goers with an adventurous palate will find themselves in hog heaven with charcuterie offerings of sweetbreads and pig’s trotters, while the more mild-mannered patrons can enjoy everything from traditional Scotch eggs to tofu shepherd’s pie. Perfect to wash down all of that hearty grub is a beer list that boasts more than 40 imported and domestic brews. Samuel Smith’s rich and creamy Taddy Porter is available in the bottle, as is Cisco Brewers’ Whale’s Tale Ale, and draft offerings range from perfect pints of Guinness to Old Dominion’s lager. Be sure to check out the daily board to see which visiting brew is on cask, grab a seat at one of the large communal tables and toast the CommonWealth.

1400 Irving St. NW
Washington, D.C.


sams said...

Handy since I'm heading to DC next week. Are they officially opened? Their web site says coming this summer but maybe it isn't updated?

Imbibe Magazine said...

Yes, the doors are open and taps on as of Wednesday 8/6. Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

i was not happy with this place -- the food was nothing to impressive and the beer list was pretty predictable, which given their wine list was probably put together by a so-so wine person who knows nothing about beer. i will not say more as everyone can make up their own mind, but as far as i am concerned commonwealth does not live up to all the hype it was given. washingtonian did a whole thing on jamie leeds and commonwealth and it seemed promising. but it falls way short.

amy k. said...

I went with a group of a couple of nights ago and we were all happy with our meals; loved the fish and chips. I can't speak to the wine since we all had beer, but we were happy with what they had, and I'm a stickler for service and thought our waiter was great. Granted it's new so I'm guessing they are working out some kinks, and it's not cheap, but I'd go back. Just my two cents.

jess said...

Yelp has some review up as well. They seem pretty positive for the most part.