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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Paul Clarke’s story on the crucial role of ice in cocktails in the current issue of Imbibe definitely got us thinking about what we’ve been storing in our own home freezers. If you're feeling like your ice could use some extra attention, it might be time to invest in some larger molds for those big, beautiful, slow-melting cubes that can add so much to iced drinks. Sadly, this ice mold will probably remain beyond our means. Not that we wouldn’t love to have a frozen baseball in our drink, but $2,500 buys an awful lot of bourbon. Here’s a MacGyver-like alternative. It may be meant for making pyramid-shaped desserts, but this mold works just as well as an ice tray. Put one of these in your rocks glass, and you’ve got yourself an eighth wonder of the world. Or, if you've got the space and the money, buy your very own Ice Butler, and you'll never have to worry about quality ice again.


Blair, aka Trader Tiki said...

and let's not forget those lvoely Tevolo perfect cube ice trays!

Also great for square Jello shots!

jim said...

I noticed recently on a trip to New York that ice definitely seems to be a big deal. I went to several different bars (some that you mentioned in the article) who were all using fancy cubes and ice shapes. After getting home and having a cocktail on regular ice I totally get it. I never realized how quickly my drinks were diluting until I had a cocktail with a huge chunk of ice that melted nice and slow. Really does make a huge difference. I am going to save up for a machine for my house, but meanwhile I agree that the Tovolo trays make very nice cubes.