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Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Ye to the 2009 Grand Marnier Mixology Summit!

This April, Grand Marnier and NAVAN will host their annual Mixology Summit, where 100 bartenders from across the U.S. will converge on Vail, Colo., to showcase their bartending skills while they learn from one another. The 2009 program will include labs, seminars, tastings and networking parties, and wine and spirits expert Steve Olson helped to develop the curriculum. All you have to do to make yourself eligible is submit an application, along with four original cocktail recipes of your own creation. All applications and recipes will be judged to narrow down the 100 people who will be invited to attend this year's event. Those invited will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the summit, so it's well worth the application process.

So to all of you professional bartenders out there, you have until November 30 to submit your application and recipes. For more info, including an application, visit mixologysummit.com. We look forward to seeing which 100 bartenders make it into this year's program—good luck to everyone!