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Friday, December 26, 2008

Drink of the Week: Juniper Berry Dry Soda

If you've had your fill of cocktails, wine or beer this week, and you're looking for something sans alcohol, we think Dry Soda's newest flavor, Juniper Berry, is the perfect option. We love how the folks at Dry Soda manage to take seemingly tricky ingredients and they turn them into delicious grown-up sodas with the prefect balance of sweetness and dryness. The juniper berry soda is a great example; it's floral and herbal with just a touch of sweetness and vibrant carbonation. In fact, it's a lot like an alcohol-free gin & tonic, which also makes it an excellent choice for designated drivers on New Year's Eve or any other night. Dry Sodas are also made especially for pairing with food, and this one is a great match for a bowl of steamed mussels or a dark chocolate souffle.