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Monday, May 18, 2009

Think Rhubarb...

Rhubarb's unique, tart flavor and bright pink color make it a perfect ingredient for drinks. I've experimented before with rhubarb juice, but this year, I was looking to make something that takes up a little less space in my fridge. I discovered Carrie Floyd's recipe for rhubarb syrup on the food website Culinate, and it's great in both soda and cocktails (it's delicious with rum). This easy-to-make syrup is a fun way to put rhubarb to use while it's in season, but you can also enjoy it off-season. Just blanch and freeze leftover rhubarb from this season's harvest. Wash the stems (discard the leaves), chop into 1-inch pieces, plunge it in boiling water for a minute, quickly remove it to a bowl of ice water, drain and freeze. Then, whenever you're ready for a little taste of summer, open the freezer and whip up a batch of rhubarb syrup.
—Siobhan Crosby