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Thursday, February 04, 2010

February’s Where to Drink Now: Espresso Cielo

When Diane Maler and husband Lew couldn’t find a coffeehouse in Los Angeles that they personally wanted to frequent, they set out to create their dream café. They found a storefront on Main Street in Santa Monica and renovations quickly began. White walls became a brilliant shade of Caribbean blue, complemented by marble countertops, black bistro furniture and silver leaf detailing throughout the 750 square-foot space. Meanwhile, they chose to serve coffee from 49th Parallel, even hiring a barista who formerly pulled shots for the Vancouver, B.C. roaster/retailer. “It was the best coffee I’d ever tasted,” says Diane, “and I wanted to be able to bring that to the Los Angeles coffee scene.”

Since last month’s soft opening, Espresso Cielo has been generating lots of neighborhood buzz for its rich, robust espresso, creamy cappuccinos and cups of pour-over coffee, as well as a pastry case stocked full of locally baked goods, like blueberry tarts and granola muffins. Asked if she’s had a chance to slow down and enjoy the café’s debut, Maler mentions the million details left to complete, but she’s quick to brush off the frenzy of it all saying, “We’ve had an amazing beginning.”

Coordinates: 3101 Main St, Santa Monica, California; 310-314-9999; espressocielo.com

Rendering sketch of Espresso Cielo by Bernadette Faye Stewart.