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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Things You Never Knew About … Randall Grahm

Self-professed “Rhône Deranger” and Bonny Doon founder Randall Grahm has a reputation as being a bit of a madcap winemaker, and he’s probably best known for his whimsically designed bottles of juicy, approachable Rhone-style blends and Italian varietals. But in addition to having an asteroid named in his honor, here are five other things you might be surprised to learn about Grahm.

1. “I’m in fact not crazy at all, not a ‘wild man’ in any real sense, nor do I possess a particularly outgoing personality. In fact, I’m rather preternaturally shy.”

2. “I drive a very old car—a 1972 Citroën DS-21.”

3. “I’m allergic to wheat, at least that's what my doc says.”

4. “The crazy number of Twitter followers I enjoy is a complete artifact, due to my somewhat accidentally ingratiating myself with the Twitterati.”

5. “If I see a clever wine label, my first impulse is to feel completely guilty for my own part in helping to popularize wine labels that were too clever.”

Image by Alex Krause