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Friday, May 21, 2010

Drink of the Week: Marcato “I Prandi” Durello Brut NV

When it comes to inexpensive sparkling wine, Italy has an abundance of options—first with Prosecco and now with its latest bubbly, Durello. Harvested mostly in the northeastern Veneto region, this high-acid grape is grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil, making it approachable and food-friendly. This particular bottle from young vintner Enrico Marcato is crafted from 85 percent Durello, 10 percent Chardonnay and 5 percent Pinot Noir, a blend that balances fruit, acid and richness. Made in the charmat method, this sparkler spends eight months on its lees, adding a creamy, full mouthfeel to notes of flowers, honey and lemon zest. And at $9 a bottle the price alone is worth celebrating.
$9, timelesswines.com

Imported by Vedi Wines, Santa Rosa, California