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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get Yourself to Beer Camp!

Missing those days of summer camp when you were a kid? Now's your chance to re-live those times at the ultimate camp for grownups—Beer Camp! The folks at Sierra Nevada have come up with the brilliant idea of a getaway for beer geeks that includes full immersion into the world of brewing, complete with VIP tours, tastings, sensory training and the chance to brew your own beer. But not everyone can go—you have to earn your place at this camp. To try to secure a spot, you need to send a short film, music video, essay, interpretive dance or some other creative/entertaining piece to show Sierra Nevada why you should be part of their camp. Head to sierrabeercamp.com to get more info about the camp and to submit your entry. Entries are due by July 9, and a total of 20 people will be chosen to attend. Good luck—we can't wait to see who makes the cut!