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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seasonal Beers, Bitters, DC Cocktails, DIY Amaretto ... ooh la la!

The Sept/Oct issue is arriving in mailboxes and stores, and it's full of great articles and recipes. For our cover story, we compiled a list of our top 50 favorite seasonal bottled beers, including a number of reader picks. We always look forward to the beers that make an appearance with the onset of every new season, but sometimes it can be tough to figure out which ones are worth seeking out. With the help of dozens of beer pros and our trusted readers, we considered hundreds of brews before narrowing our final list to 50—think of it as your very own beer calendar to guide you through the year's best seasonal brews. And, not surprisingly, we couldn't stop there. While our list of 50 focuses on bottled beers, some seasonals only show up on draught. So here's a list of a handful of seasonal beers on tap that we think also deserve a shout-out.

This issue also includes another great feature by Paul Clarke, this time on bitters. There's been so much happening in the world of bitters recently, with more and more bartenders coming up with their own unique recipes behind the bar, and small commercial brands popping up around the world incorporating everything from chocolate to cardamom to cranberries. Here's a recipe for In Bloom Bitters, combining lavender, rose petals, sage, star anise and citrus.

We also take a look at DC's cocktail scene, where a new crop of bartenders is redefining the city's drink culture. Be sure to check out the full article in the magazine for beautiful photos and incredible recipes, and in the meantime, try a delicious Tabard Cocktail from the talented Chantal Tseng.

Rounding out this issue are stories on wine country bike tours, homemade amaretto and DIY tea blending, not to mention a fun Q&A with Anthony Bourdain, a sherry taste test, a guide to the best espresso tampers and a how-to on making your own bourbon and sage sausages. So if you're already a subscriber, these and other tasty morsels should already be arriving in your mailbox, and if you're not a subscriber, head to your local newsstand for your copy (and while you're at it, subscribe so you can start having all of this delivered right to your door). Cheers!