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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September’s Where to Drink Now: Alabaster Coffee and Tea Company

Former Penn State music majors, Karl and Bethany Fisher have created coffee harmony at their recently opened Pennsylvania café, Alabaster. Single-origin and Cup of Excellence coffees from specialty roasters like Commonplace, Square One and Counter Culture share menu space with beans the Fishers roast in-house, all of which are available in espresso drinks as well as via pour-over, press pot and Chemex brewers. Their part-time pastry chef draws inspiration from the week’s rotating beans, artfully pairing individual coffee profiles with homemade cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. And coffee isn’t the only note this café plays, with more than two-dozen teas from SerendipiTea also on offer. Future plans call for installing a 5-kilo Diedrich roaster, which should arrive just in time to amp up in-house production by the New Year.

Coordinates: 410 Pine St., Williamsport, PA; 570-478-0043; alabastercoffee.com