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Friday, February 18, 2011

Drink of the Week: Michael Collins Irish Whiskeys

Get a taste of the Emerald Isle with today’s Drink of the Week. Irish whiskey sometimes gets overlooked in favor of other types of whiskey, but with so much character, it’s a spirit that deserves more recognition. Copper pot-distilled and aged in used bourbon barrels at Ireland’s famed Cooley Distillery, Michael Collins produces two whiskeys: a 10-year single-malt as well as a blend. The single-malt is lightly smoky with some fruity notes, while the blend is light and creamy with hints of honey and citrus. Both are nuanced enough for sipping neat, but they also have a sturdy enough backbone for cocktails like the Ceo Maidin from Stephen Siebert of Village Whiskey in Philadelphia. Keep an eye out for Michael Collins and a few of the brand’s ambassadors, who are currently touring the country with cocktail parties planned in New York City, Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago, Denver and Austin over the next few weeks.
Michael Collins blended Irish whiskey, $35, wallywine.com
Michael Collins 10-year single-malt, $39, caskstore.com