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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Imbibe Southern Issue!

Our latest issue is in the mail and hitting newsstands, and this issue is making us feel a little like kids in a candy store. March/April is dedicated to all things southern, and in creating this special issue, we discovered a veritable gold mine of goodness. We always new the South held a special place in the history of American drinks, but this part of the U.S. has exploded with creativity over the past few years, and our Southern Issue celebrates the incredibly diverse people, places and flavors that are making this region so noteworthy.

This issue includes features on the 100 Best Places to Drink in the South; the Kentucky Bourbon Trail; Virginia Wine Country; Southern Sodas; Iced Tea Cocktails; Southern Breweries (plus a beer mecca in the middle of Kentucky); Rye Whiskey; How to Pickle Okra; and on and on. If you've ever been curious about the South, or you already have an affinity for the region, this issue will give you lots of reasons to explore and celebrate.

Look for the issue on stands starting today and over the next few days (depending on the store)—it's definitely one you won't want to miss!