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Friday, January 20, 2012

Drink of the Week: Lageder Beta Delta Lagrein/Merlot 2008

In our January/February issue, writer Katherine Cole delves into the realm of biodynamic winemaking—a holistic approach to viticulture that goes beyond natural and organic farming and into a world of buried animal skulls, herbal soil tinctures and farming by the lunar calendar. And though it might all sound a bit peculiar, the proof is in the bottle, as is the case with today’s Drink of the Week. Fifth-generation Italian winemaker Alois Lageder began experimenting with biodynamic farming in the 1990s, and in 2004 he decided to go biodynamic with all of his vineyards. Lageder’s mix of Lagrein and Merlot finds a delicious balance of ripe, juicy fruit and food-friendly acidity—just the kind of wine that begs to be enjoyed with a bowl of wintry soup. $22, wallywine.com

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