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Friday, March 09, 2012

Drink of the Week: La Colombe Pure Black Cold Brew

For today’s Drink of the Week we’re cracking a cold one—the Pure Black from La Colombe. This is the latest batch of cold-brew deliciousness in a steady line of releases from roasters across the country. For this bottled brew, La Colombe steeps its Corsica blend (a rich mix of beans from South and Central America) in stainless steel wine tanks for 16 hours before pressing, filtering, lightly sweetening with simple syrup and bottling. The result is pure cold-brew coffee perfection with notes of hazelnuts and bittersweet chocolate and a light sweetness. Keep an eye out, as it’s set to be for sale next week in La Colombe’s cafés (in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago) and on the company’s website, lacolombe.com.
Lacolombe.com for distribution and purchasing info.