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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What We’re Tasting

Summer’s in full swing, and our tasting table runneth over with new beers, spirits and alcohol-free offerings perfect for the season. Here are a few highlights from our latest tasting.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Introduced stateside last spring, Crabbie’s perks up the palate with a peppery kick of fresh ginger and a splash of raw sugar sweetness. It clocks a 4.8% ABV, but you’d never know by taking a sip. It’s slowly making its way through various U.S. distribution channels, so keep an eye out.

Perrier Slim Can
When the weather heats up, we drink a lot of fizzy water. And now Perrier has rolled out new portable packaging—250 ml. cans—in its original version and summery fruit flavors like grapefruit and lime—perfect for toting around all summer long.

Dogfish Head Positive Contact
Just when you think Dogfish Head can’t push the craft beer category any further, they turn heads with yet another creative brew. Brewed with apple cider, farro, cayenne and cilantro, this beer is packed with flavor. Added bonus? Each box set includes six bottles, a 10” record (of remixes by Dan the Automator) and beer dinner recipes from the likes of Mario Batali, Joe Beef and David Chang, among others.

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water
Imagine the flavors of the Mediterranean—fresh rosemary, lavender and thyme—mixed with quinine and cane sugar. This Mediterranean Tonic from Fever-Tree combines all those ingredients and more into a dynamic and easy-drinking cocktail mixer. Company founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow say it was developed with vodka in mind, but we think it mixes equally well with fruit-forward gins or even sipped on its own with a squeeze of lime.