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Friday, August 03, 2012

Drink of the Week: Unity Vibrations Ginger Kombucha Beer

We’re in the midst of a kombucha craze with more bottles of the tart, tangy elixir on the market than ever before, and in our July/August Summer Drinks issue we highlight a few of our favorites (you can check out a few more bottles we love here). Taking the craft of kombucha one step further is today’s Drink of the Week—Unity Vibrations’ ginger kombucha beer, which fuses the tea-spiked tonic with another fizzy favorite—beer. Combining freshly brewed kombucha with New Zealand hops and organic ginger root, this beer ferments in open oak casks and then conditions and naturally carbonates in the bottle for a serious (it clocks an 8% ABV) hybrid sipper that offers flavors of candied ginger, tangy vinegar and bitter hops. And they’re not the only ones crafting these tasty brews—you’ll spy the potent kombucha ales from Astoria, New York-based Beyond Kombucha on tap and in bottles around NYC, and last year beer importer Vanberg & DeWulf introduced their lambic-kombucha combo, Lambrucha.
Unityvibrationskombucha.com for distribution info and retailers.