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Monday, December 03, 2012

Imbibe's December Gift Giveaway Is On!

December gets us in the giving mood, so in honor of the holiday season, we've gathered some of our favorite gift items that might just be on your wish list this year for a December giveaway!

Matt Talbert's The Bitter Cube Print
Framed and matte
11" x 14" print and 19" x 22" framed
We're kicking things off with this beautiful framed print by Matt Talbert, aptly named "Bitter Cube," which you might recognize from our November/December issue. Talbert is a Southern California-based artist and drinks enthusiast whose current series of paintings depict his fascination with the growing cocktail movement.

Enter to win by clicking HERE! You have until December 5 at midnight PST to enter to win.

Don't forget! We'll be rolling our our gift items right here on the blog, Twitter and Facebook, so stay in touch. You don't want to miss your chance to enter to win.