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Friday, February 22, 2013

Drink of the Week: Life & Limb Rhizing Bines

They say two minds are often better than one. And when it’s the two masterminds behind some of the country’s best beers, you can bet the results will be off-the-charts delicious. Hence today’s Drink of the Week—the latest Life & Limb collaboration from Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, Rhizing Bines. An imperial IPA (it clocks in at a deceptively drinkable 8% ABV) that fuses ingredients and techniques from both brewers (estate-grown malt from Sierra Nevada; continual hopping from Dogfish) this new, one-time release is at once malty, brisk and bitter with a lingering creamy carbonation. And while most collaborations end at bottling, this duo (partnering with Spiegelau) also set out to design a specific glass for their collaborative IPA. But does it make a difference? We put it to the test, sipping the beer out of a classic pint glass and the newly designed IPA-specific beer glass. The beer drank nicely from both glasses, but the IPA glass did amplify the hops in both aroma and taste, while the pint glass offered up a more malt-forward brew. Want a taste for yourself? The beer is currently hitting shelves across the country, and the IPA glass is now available via Dogfish.com