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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beer Cocktails for American Craft Beer Week

Tom Terrific photo by Studio Atticus
Need a reason to crack a cold one? American Craft Beer Week continues through Sunday, and to celebrate we’re mixing up a round of frosty, beer-spiked cocktails from some of the best bartenders in the country. 

Gin, lemon juice and a splash of pale ale—beer cocktails don’t get easier than this spirited, honey-rimmed refresher. 

Rye whiskey, a tea-infused aperitif and a summery IPA add layer upon layer of deliciousness to this former Imbibe cover cocktail.

Two amaros meet with a sunny mix of citrus and beer in this bright-yet-bitter palate-perker.

A wheaty Belgian beer adds a sprightly effervescence to this mezcal- and pineapple-spiked fizzer.

Muddled raspberries and grapefruit juice add a fruity freshness to this tequila and beer-topped cocktail.

Subtly sweet Old Tom gin is back and bigger than ever. Get a taste in this Collins that combines the old-timey spirit with Cherry Heering, fresh lemon juice and a heady IPA. 

A spoonful of orange marmalade offers a bittersweet balance to this frothy bourbon and white ale highball. 

Campari’s cousin Aperol meets with fresh mint, muddled grapes and a splash of amber lager in this garden-fresh fizzy refresher. 

Beer with brunch? This savory sipper combines tomato juice, citrus and a light lager for a breakfast-ready update of the classic Michelada

Artichoke-based Cynar and a hoppy IPA add an intriguingly bitter edge to this rum and Madeira cocktail.