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Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Coffee-Spiked Recipes for National Coffee Day

Stumptown Vanilla Flip photo: Sheri Giblin
We have a bit of a coffee habit here at Imbibe HQ, so we don’t need much of an excuse to pour ourselves a second (or third) cup. Still, with National Coffee Day this Sunday (September 29) we couldn’t help but get a little jittery thinking about all the coffee-fueled ways to toast the occasion. From a citrus-spiked cold brew to a mezcal- and coffee-laced dessert, these five recipes will help stretch the day’s celebrations beyond your morning mug.

Elevate your next cup of cold brew with this citrus-spiked variation from San Francisco’s Ma’velous.

Coffee’s complexity adds a layer of flavor to cocktails, like this Bénédictine-spiked beauty.

Seattle’s love affair with coffee and cocktails fuse into one frothy treat in this vanilla-flecked sipper from coffee/cocktail lounge, Liberty.

A quintessential after-dinner coffee drink, this flaming cocktail combines a heady dose of rum with coffee and orange liqueurs, strong-brewed coffee (or espresso) and a dollop of whipped cream.

Mezcal ice cream drenched in espresso? Hello, dessert!