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Monday, October 21, 2013

Bobbing for Apple Cocktails

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
Forget the neon green appletinis; when apple season rolls around, there are plenty of ways to mix up autumn’s favorite fruit into an array of cocktails. With a pour of calvados here and a good glug of fresh apple cider there, here are six recipes that make use of the apple’s uniquely sweet-tart, earthy flavor. 

“I love the idea of enjoying an apple when they’re at their best,” says chef Marcus Samuelsson of this cocktail. “And the spices remind me of a warm apple pie during the autumn holidays.”

An Imbibe staff favorite, we recommend mixing up a double batch of this hot, buttery, orange-scented cider—your guests will thank you! 

What could be more autumnal than a drink with calvados, a good pour of bourbon, and rich maple syrup? 

Apple is the star and co-star in this hyper-seasonal cocktail. Apple brandy, apple butter and even fresh apple juice are blended together with a bit of bittersweet Averna and lemon juice to create an immensely sippable fall treat.

This cocktail is a wonderfully complex and shows off the versatility of apple brandy as an ingredient. Combined with Punt e Mes, pear brandy and spicy pimento dram, it shines in all its fruit-forward glory.

We love this drinks’ combo of peppery fall spice and a blend of both bourbon and Scotch. Rich and warming, this is cocktail will carry over beautifully into the winter months, too.