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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Cocktails for Thanksgiving

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
Wine is a must for holiday entertaining, but cocktails have their place at the table too. With Thanksgiving around the corner, here are five recipes we’re eyeing for our Turkey Day imbibing.

A cardamom-, cranberry- and cinnamon-infused bourbon provides the base for this easy cocktail created especially for Thanksgiving day.

Bourbon, apple and ginger syrup get a lift from a squeeze of lemon juice in this refreshing drink from Kelly over at The Best Remedy blog.

Tarragon adds an herbal note to this light and cheerily-hued cocktail from blogger Elana Lepkowski.

Armagnac, lemon, lime, and a double dose of pear make this sophisticated sipper a holiday crowd-pleaser. 

Becherovka brings a warming spice to this bourbon and maple mixture. A pinch of sea salt tincture lends a dinner-friendly savory note.