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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

6 Picnic-Friendly Punches for the 4th of July

Photo: Justen Clay
Because the only thing more all-American than a 4th of July barbecue is a well-made cocktail, and we’ve rounded up six summery drinks fit for a crowd. Whether you’re hoping to be the host-with-the-most, or a grateful guest wanting to offer something than a six-pack, these party punches will keep the party going long after the first sparkler is lit.

Porch Punch (pictured)
Bourbon, fragrant orange flower water, and a happy marriage of Earl Grey and mint tea make for a memorable and simple summertime punch.

Pepper-Watermelon Margarita
Fresh watermelon juice is made extra refreshing with the addition of the cooling heat of jalapeno, tangy lime juice, a bit of salt and tequila.

French 75 Punch
Everyone’s favorite sparkling cocktail is now available in party size.

Spring Street Swizzle Punch
Treat your BBQ guests to a tropical breeze, in the form of this orange-and-pinapple spiked rum punch.

Sparkling Ginger Lemon Mocktail
In between burger bites and sparkler fun, give the kiddos (and the teetotaling grown ups) something extra special to sip on.

Pitcher of Mojitos
If one Mojito is good, isn’t a pitcher of Mojitos better?