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Friday, August 29, 2014

Drink of the Week: Green Flash Green Bullet

Want to rile up a bunch of brewers? Get them talking about the word “craft,” which is exactly what contributing editor Josh Bernstein does for our latest cover story. It’s a term that’s used and abused in the beer world (and the beverage world as a whole) and one that doesn’t seem to be finding a universally accepted definition anytime soon. But for the moment, we’re setting the debate aside and taking it easy with a Drink of the Week that every beer enthusiast should be able to enjoy. The latest bottled release from San Diego’s Green Flash brewery, the Green Bullet performs a sneak attack on the palate—smooth at the start with dual-action hops mid-mouth and a walloping 10% ABV creeping up on the finish. The best way to end any argument? Open and share. Greenflashbrew.com for distribution info.