Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Highlights from Imbibe’s First Facebook Session With Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing

Renowned beer geek (and the guy behind Dogfish Head’s countless beloved brews) Sam Calagione took over our FB page today for our first Facebook Session, spending close to an hour responding to readers’ questions as fast as his fingers could type—here are a few highlights:

Lauren S. asked, “What’s your favorite beer you’ve ever made?”
Sam’s response? “I usually answer that with ‘The one I am drinking right now,’ but right now I am typing so I will say Indian Brown Ale, 60 Minute, Festina Peche, and Bitches Brew are what I drink the most—but we love ALL of our children equally.”

Charlotte B. wondered, “Is there anything you won’t brew with?”
Sam’s thoughts? “We won't brew with … hmmm … illegal ingredients or ingredients we can't get enough of to at least make a 5-barrel (150 gallon) batch … At Dogfish we have always believed that any culinary ingredient can and should be considered when we are contemplated a new recipe.”

And we wanted to know, “What are you planning on drinking tonight?”
Sam closed things out by responding, “Tonight I am planning on drinking one 60-Minute IPA and one Lawson's Liquid from the people's republic of Vermont. I leave early in the morn for a beer dinner in Boulder where I will drink a bunch of beers from Russian River to Allagash to Port to Avery to Sierra … The Great thing about being a craft beer geek and not a craft beer snob is that It's ok to be promiscuous—we cheat on our favorite beers, even when we own a brewery, and we might wake up occasionally with a heavy head, but it is never heavy from guilt.”

Thanks again to Sam and to all our readers who chimed in with such great questions! Be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce the guest behind our next Facebook Session!